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Entering the administration through the Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you will see when entering OpenCart's admin. The main function of the dashboard is to give the shop owner an overview of how the shop is performing. There are 3 sections of the dashboard that can help you understand the statistical data collected by your store:

  • Overview:
  • There are four chart showing the status of your website. They are Total Orders, Total sales, Total Customers and People Online which help you to easier to know the analytics.

  • World Map:
  • A world map to show where the orders from your website were coming from.

  • Sales Analytics:
  • A graph is provided to track the chronological progress of the store relative to the amount of orders and customers over time. The x value is time; which can be hours, days, or months depending on the range selected. The y value displays the number of total orders(yellow) and total customers(blue).

Above the dashboard in the top menu is the administration navigation. You can navigate between the "Catalog", "Extensions", "Sales", "System", "Reports", and "Help". These sections will be explained in further detail in the following sections of the User Guide.