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ACTIVA-Activ Clay Self Hardening. Is ready to use right out of the package and is great for coil and..
$15.90 Ex Tax: $15.90
AMACO-Air-Dry Modeling Clay. This ready-to-use non-toxic modeling clay is great for home, school, s..
$8.66 Ex Tax: $8.66
Metallic Powders are used to give you a quality metallic finish that a paint cannot duplicate. This ..
$7.25 Ex Tax: $7.25
ALUMILITE CORP-Amazing Casting Resin Kit. Amazing Casting Resin is the easiest and safest way to cre..
$15.26 Ex Tax: $15.26
ALUMILITE CORP-Amazing Clear Cast Kit. Amazing clear cast is a two- part liquid used to make extreme..
$15.26 Ex Tax: $15.26
Amazing Casting Products-Amazing Clear Cast Resin. An easy-to-use, 2-part multi-purpose clear coatin..
$10.81 Ex Tax: $10.81
Alumilite Corp-Amazing Remelt. A non-toxic, one part reusable mold making material. Remelt is ideal ..
$40.76 Ex Tax: $40.76
ACTIVA-Blackjack Low Fire Clay. This clay allows for the most imaginative arts and crafts projects! ..
$35.34 Ex Tax: $35.34
CASTIN' CRAFT-Clear casting epoxy is ideal for small casts (6 ounces or less). Low odor-simply mix t..
$19.61 Ex Tax: $19.61
ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES-Castin' Craft Mold Release & Conditioner. This mold release cleans and co..
$10.53 Ex Tax: $10.53
The color combinations are endless when it comes to this set of creative modeling clay. Includes: wh..
$47.51 Ex Tax: $47.51
The color combinations are endless when it comes to this set of creative modeling clay. Includes: wh..
$34.78 Ex Tax: $34.78
CREATIVE PAPERCLAY-Creative Paperclay Modeling Material. This unique air hardening modeling material..
$9.44 Ex Tax: $9.44
DIXON TICONDEROGA-Prang Das Air Hardening Modeling Clay. This clay can help create hours of fun, ed..
$6.50 Ex Tax: $6.50
POLYFORM-Firefly Non Dry Modeling Clay. This is a wax-based modeling clay that is easy to work with ..
$5.60 Ex Tax: $5.60
ACTIVA-The Mountain Idea: Hearty Clay Super Lightweight Modeling Clay. This easy to work with clay ..
$9.54 Ex Tax: $9.54
Makin's USA-Clay Cutters. Perfect for beginners and professional clay crafters! Have fun cutting and..
$3.75 Ex Tax: $3.75
POLYFORM-Model Air. This air-dry modeling clay is lightweight, durable, easy to smooth, and has exce..
$6.08 Ex Tax: $6.08
AMERICAN ART CLAY-Friendly Plastic Pellets. This is a wonderful creation! It is so easy to use, so..
$14.51 Ex Tax: $14.51
AMACO-Friendly Plastic All Purpose Pellets. Friendly Plastic is a versatile low heat reusable modeli..
$16.34 Ex Tax: $16.34
DAP-Plaster of Paris. Great for plaster repairs, hobby molds, and casts. Sets in 20-30 minutes and c..
$4.66 Ex Tax: $4.66
ACTIVA-Plus Natural Self Hardening Clay. Plus clay is a premium quality natural self hardening clay..
$10.11 Ex Tax: $10.11
AMACO-Stonex Self-Hardening Clay. This self-hardening white clay is prepared in moist form and read..
$18.08 Ex Tax: $18.08
AMACO-Wheat Paste Powder. Easy-to-use modeling material mixes easily with cold water to form a paste..
$8.35 Ex Tax: $8.35