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DoggyShouse Grooming Kennel

DoggyShouse Grooming Kennel
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Upgrade your dog to En-Suite with the Dog House and Bath Combo. The Grooming Kennel is a simple idea that combines both a kennel and wash bath for your pet. No more lifting dog in and out of high walled baths. Simply lift the roof up like a car hood, prop it into place and fold up the dog house entry ramp after the dog is in the bath. A bucket or two of water is poured into the Shouse and is recirculated for the wash""""cycle"""" of the pet. Drain the dirty water. Add a couple of buckets of clean water for the rinse""""cycle"""". Drain the rinse water. Drop the ramp, dry the tub, re-insert the bedding and close the lid. That's it.
  • No more messy bathrooms. Easy to clean the dogs sleeping area.
  • Just plug in. Easy to control the temperature of the water.
  • Integrated pump and shower hose. Double skin construction keeps kennel nice and warm.
  • Ramped door makes it easy for dog to get in and out of kennel.
  • No more clogged pipes. Sand and dirt management.