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Gravity 9 Mattress 80 L x 36 W x 6 H

Gravity 9 Mattress 80 L x 36 W x 6 H
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The Gravity 9 Pressure Redistribution Mattress by Drive Medical is the ultimate in pressure prevention multi-layered foam mattresses *With 4 layers of foam that include true memory foam and a heel slope support and durability are maximized *A 6 to 4 heel slope and unique design of the foam target the prevention of heel ulcers *The Gravity 9 includes a full-length layer of true memory foam that puts comfort at a premium *The cover provides functionality and convenience as it is not only easy to clean but it is also fluid proof tear resistant fire retardant and low sheer *With a 450 pound weight capacity and an industry-best 15 year limited warranty you can have peace of mind that this mattress will last *Drive Medical's Gravity 9 is the ultimate in foam pressure redistribution mattresses *Features: *4 Full layers of foam including a heel slope die-cuts channel cuts true memory foam and full layer articulation cuts for the ultimate in long term care pressure redistribution *Bottom layer provides full length horizontally scored articulation cuts extending the durability and life of the mattress significantly *Cover is fire retardant fluid proof tear resistant low sheer and easy to clean *Mattress includes a 6 to 4 heel slope and a channel cut center layer of foam under the foot section to target heel ulcer prevention *The ultimate in the industry for multi-layered die-cut foam and true memory foam available with or without raised side rails *Top layer is full-length open-cell visco-elastic memory foam

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