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High-Capacity Petroleum Sorbent Pads, 17"" X 19"", 0.405gal Capacity, 100/carton

High-Capacity Petroleum Sorbent Pads, 17
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Reusable and conveniently-sized, these sorbent pads are ideal for absorbing oil. They can be used in or outside the plant and quickly absorb petroleum-based fluids from places where water is present. Since they recover oil and not water, 90 percent of the absorbed oil can be wrung out and reclaimed. These sorbents are lightweight, dust free and extremely absorbent to minimize both cost and waste disposal. The conveniently-sized pads are perfect for cleaning up small oil or petroleium spills and wiping contaminated areas. Use, also, on work surfaces in anticipation of a spill. Ideal for use under docks, in shallow water, rocky shorelines, marshes and beaches. Sorbents Type: Pad; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 0.405 gal per pad; Material Absorbed: Oil; Petroleum; Length: 19"".