30 Days Immediate Drop -2.0 Diopter Anti Aging Treat Myopia Relieve Eye Fatigue Help Sleeping Remove Dark Circle Eye patch


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一、Product introduction: lutein eye patch, jointly developed by Starmood international and Columbia University, uses a variety of precious natural plants as raw materials, and uses modern bioengineering technology to quickly restore vision and improve eye symptoms. Promote eye blood circulation and prevent eye diseases.

二、Package selection:1. Mild myopia   (nearsighted within 1.0 diopters)

Recommended purchase: 5 boxes set (buy 3 boxes get 2 free)2. Moderate myopia (nearsighted between1.0 and 3.0 diopters)Recommended purchase: 10 boxes set (buy 5 boxes get 5 free)3. Severe myopia   (nearsighted between 3.0 and 5.0 diopters)

Recommended purchase: 22 boxes set (buy 10 boxes get 12 free)4. Family package (nearsighted above 5.0 diopters)Recommended purchase: 33 boxes set (buy 15 boxes get 18 free)

三、Product composition: This product is processed with non-woven fabric ascareies ,lutein, honeysuckle, Panax Notoginseng, yemingsha,Mimeng flower, wildchrysanthemum, cassia seed,summer dead ball ,blueberry and other plant extractscombinedwith menthol ,borneol, deionized water and other raw materials.

四、Product specification: 2 Stickers / BAG * 10 bags / box

五、Product efficacy:1. Relieve eye fatigue and eye pain2. Improve immunity and eyesight3. Promote blood circulation and restore eye elasticity4. Improve antioxidant capacity and protect eye health

六、Applicable population: Blurred vision, decreased vision, cataract, presbyopia, glaucoma, flying mosquito, dry eyes, itching, acid swelling, pain and tears.

七、Usage: clean the eye skin, apply the product around the eyes, gently squeeze out bubbles and flatten them. Take it off after 10-30 minutes.

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One Unit



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Treatment & Mask

Applicable population

Blurred vision, decreased vision, cataract

Product specification

2 Stickers / BAG * 10 bags / box

Product efficacy

protect eye health, Improve vision

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