Three Ratels CO10 Elegant bouquet home decor Wall sticker Toilet decal


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Dear customers, please pay attention to the following tips:

1.15/20/30/40/60CM is the length of the longest side of the picture. We support customizing other sizes.

2.Our products are made of white background and transparent background.

We usually make it according to the Convention. If you have special needs, please note: white background / transparent background, or leave a message to let us know.

The white background is suitable for the environment of various colors, and the transparent background is most suitable for the white or light background.

3.The product is made of waterproof and sunscreen PVC material, suitable for walls, windows, and furniture and will adhere to most hard, smooth, clean surfaces such as car,motorcycle, Toilet cover, surface of household appliances, surface of luggage,mirrors, metal, wood, and walls.

4.Our products are all made of elastic conduit material, with strong viscosity and no glue left after tearing. If there are wrinkles during transportation, please tear off the anti-adhesive film and scrape it with a ruler when pasting, and the wrinkles will disappear.

If the product size is large, or you are not skilled in pasting, please spray a little water on the background for adjustment. The paste effect is the same after the water is dried.

If the fold is serious and cannot be recovered, please contact us and we will solve it for you in time.

5.Over $30 will be mailed free of charge.

6.We will deliver the goods in time after purchase, generally within 1-3 days, and the holidays will be postponed accordingly.

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Single-piece Package


Plane Wall Sticker


For Refrigerator,For Smoke Exhaust,For Cabinet Stove,For Tile,For Wall,Toilet Stickers,Furniture Stickers,Switch Panel Stickers,Window Stickers


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Three Ratels


Mainland China

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