VEVOR 2PCS Inflatable Boat Launching Wheel 136 KG Weight Load Capacity Aluminum Frame 38CM Diameter Rubber Tire Ship Moving Tool


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Product Description
15″ Inflatable Boat Wheels
The dinghy wheels set with 300 lbs capacity comes with aluminum frame wheel arms and 15″/38.1 cm durable rubber wheels. Thus it makes you towing boats a breeze on different road surfaces, such as grass, hard or soft sand, and dirt. The transom wheels are equipped with 2 pairs of quick released pins that can lock the arms up and down. The boat launch wheels set can be easily disassembled, which is time-saving and labor-saving.
  • Large Load Capacity

  • Durable Aluminum Alloy

  • Quick Release Pins

  • Simple Installation

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Key Features
300 LBS Weight Capacity
The max loading capacity of this boat launching wheels is 300 Lbs/136 kg, providing exceptional stability and support to the heavy boat, thus avoiding unnecessary arduous work.
15″ Rubber Wheels
The 15″/38.1 cm rubber boat transom launching wheel makes you propel a boat through various rough surfaces with ease. Max tire pressure of 14 PSI can be given, or the inflatable boat launch wheels over-inflated will cause damage.
Solid Aluminum Frame Arms
The right-angle frame arms of transom launching dolly wheels are built with aluminum alloy after CNC processing. The components with anodized coating provide our product durability and stability. And the wheels will not conflict with the motor.
Two Pairs of Spring Lock Pins
Two pairs of spring lock pins demonstrate the quick operation feature of our transom launching wheels, making frame wheel arms' length and position adjustable.
Easy & Quick Installation
To install dinghy transom launching wheels set correctly, you only need to drill 6 holes and fix the upper part of the wheel arm on the transom. Then you can assemble the arm and wheel and attach the arm set to the transom.
Applicable to Multiple Scenarios
With the remarkable bearing capacity, the inflatable boat transom launching wheel fits most boats with a transom and does well in pulling on different roads, such as grass, hard or soft sand, and dirt.
  • Model: CYXSL15300

  • Tire Diameter: 15″/ 38.1 cm

  • Max Load Capacity: 300 lbs/136 kg

  • Wheel Arms Material: Aluminum Alloy

  • Tire Material: Rubber

  • Item Weight: 4.5 lbs/ 2 kg

Package Content
  • 1 x Boat Launching Wheels Set

  • 4 x Quick Release Pin

Features & Details
  • Large Load Capacity: The boat launching wheels are designed to enable one people launching of an inflatable boat. The weight capacity of the 15″/38.1 cm boat transom launching wheel reaches 300 Lbs/136 kg, making the towing boat a breeze on different road surfaces.

  • Durable Aluminum Alloy: Our inflatable boat launch wheels arms are made of durable aluminum alloy with CNC processing, which will hold up even under the most extreme conditions. And the frame arms with anodized coating have features of superior durability and long service life.

  • Quick Release Pins: The transom launching wheels are equipped with 2 pairs of sturdy quick release pins. The accessories play an essential role in right-angle frame arms' swiveling up and down, making the wheel arms' length adjustable.

  • Simple Installation: The dinghy transom launching wheels set is easy to operate, saving much time. You need to follow the steps in the picture, and it can be disassembled effortlessly. In addition, the wheel arms kit is small and space-saving.

  • Extensive Application: The inflatable boat transom launching wheel is widely applicable to most boats with a transom, such as Jon boats, dinghy, inflatable boats, mud boats, rowboats, sailing dinghies, etc. The wheels are suitable for grass, hard or soft sand, and dirt.

Additional information


Mainland China



Tire Diameter

38.1 cm

Max Load Capacity

136 kg

Wheel Arms Material

Aluminum Alloy

Tire Material


Item Weight

2 kg

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